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Weekly poll: are camera humps bad? [ad_1]

If you’ve been following the iPhone 8 leaks, the camera hump may have caught your attention. Yes, a vertical dual camera with an LED flash between the two lenses is an attention grabber, but today we want to talk about the hump. Is it a deal breaker?

In last week’s Counterclockwise, we concluded with a simple truth – the trend of thin phones killed the large image sensor. But modern designs have gotten so thin that even a small camera module creates a hump (bezel-less screens and big batteries don’t help either).

At least some makers put the camera in the middle so that the phone is balanced – both visually and practically (it keeps the phone level on a flat surface). Of course, cases are usually thick enough to level out the back and most people do use cases.

Samsung’s Galaxy S is a rare example of making a phone thicker (S6 to S7) to hide the camera bump and increase the battery. Other makers (like Sony) never allowed a camera hump on their devices.

However, even design-obsessed Apple has let the camera hump on its iPhones swell in recent generation. And it doesn’t seem to have hurt sales, quite the opposite. So, which is it – are camera humps bad or not?


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