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Steve Jobs's yacht unveiled

Steve Jobs's yacht launches

An 80-meter yacht that Steve Jobs helped design has launched a year after his death, according to Dutch blog One More Thing. The uniquely-styled craft, christened "Venus" after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, has floor-to-ceiling glass in many areas and other interior design elements reminiscent of Apple's retail stores.

Far more interesting from our perspective are the seven 27-inch iMacs that seem to serve as the ship's main instrument monitors. They definitely appear to be the new super-thin iMacs, but speculation in the TUAW newsroom ran rampant over what software they're running. It's possible they're operating on entirely custom software, but they may also be running an off-the-shelf solution (likely virtualized in some fashion).

Though we called it Jobs's yacht in the headline for the sake of brevity, it's obviously his family's yacht now. In gratitude, that family issued shipbuilders with iPod shuffles and notes thanking them for their "hard work and craftsmanship."

A video of the yacht is embedded below.

[via The Verge]


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