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When using the WinAVI software, you can convert almost any type of video into another format for use online or when burning DVDs. With most video formats, audio will convert along with it, but you have issues with specific files including MP4, FLV and MOV files. There are specific settings you can change to make the audio work on all your WinAVI conversions.

WinAVI Upgrade

  • Bugs and errors have occurred in several versions of the WinAVI software. If you have purchased the software, you are eligible for a free upgrade. This upgrade will eliminate bugs, including possible audio errors that occur while rendering. Click on the “Tools” menu and select the “Upgrade” option. You will be redirected to the WinAVI website and can select the proper download for your computer. Follow the installation instructions and then test out the video conversion again.

QuickTime Alternative

  • Missing specific audio codecs on a computer could cause the video to convert with no sound. The QuickTime Alternative codec pack includes dozens of audio codecs that includes MOV videos. MOV videos are common files that create errors in WinAVI. Quicktime Alternative is a freeware download that comes with a self-installer. Exit out of WinAVI before installing Quicktime Alternative and restart the computer after it installs. This will keep the software fresh and ensure that the codecs are installed properly.

Source Files

  • The source videos that you are using with WinAVI may have audio issues already. Test out the videos in multiple media players including Windows Media Player. Listen through the video to see if there are audio glitches or volume errors that could be causing the problem in WinAVI. If there is, you will need to use a different video or find another way to capture the audio that you need. For example, if the video is a home movie, upload the home movie again to recapture the audio.

Sound Settings

  • WinAVI has specific sound settings that may have been changed. Click on the “Tools” menu and select “Preferences.” In the “Audio” tab, check the box next each audio type that includes “Dolby Direct Sound.” Leaving these boxes unchecked could result in missing or poor audio sound. Save the preferences and start a new project so the sound settings apply.


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