BMW could dilute the Mini line-up further by bringing in a breadbox version of the Clubman


Mini Clubvan concept coming to Geneva
Shown here is the Mini Clubman John Cooper S


Agree with me or not, but the Mini brand is getting diluted under the BMW reign – at least from the purist's perspective. To begin with, the Mini Cooper has grown too large in size as compared to what the Mini Copper was initially known for. Then came the brand-diluting variants like the convertible and Clubman. Now, there is word that is one more spin-off that BMW is building on the Mini – a cargo van!


In all likelihood it will be called the Mini Clubvan and is expected to come to the Geneva Motor Show next month in concept form. Based on the Clubman, the Clubvan is expected to merge the rear seating space and the boot space for a seamless cargo compartment. The single panel version will make the Clubvan more of a commercial vehicle than a lifestyle product that the Mini line-up is – but for companies that want to boost their brand image, this premium Mini-van can become a viable option.