Work put in on stillborn four-cylinder project will not go wasted, after all.


Mercedes A-Class AMG to get help from F1 division


The Mercedes A-Class may be just a hatchback with front wheel drive, but that doesn't mean that the long arm of tuning division AMG will not reach it. The A-Class AMG is in the works and it looks like Stuttgart has a plan up its sleeve.

HighPerformanceEngines is an English firm that makes Formula engines for McLaren and our very own Force India. It has been incorporated into Mercedes slowly, and the A-Class might just be the firm's first road car project. The proposal makes sense, especially as until recently the FIA was planning to run Formula One cars with turbocharged four-cylinder engines, which is exactly what the A-Class AMG will be using.

What makes the A-Class AMG really interesting is the fact that the premium car makers are getting into the hot hatch segment, which previously was the prerogative of the cheap-and-cheerful brigade with the notable exceptions of the likes of the VW Scirocco and Golf R. Will the Ford Focus RS, Golf GTi and RenaultSport Megane have real competition from the Audi RS3 and Mercedes A-Class AMG? Only time will tell.