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In other news today the Droid Bionic has been canceled… No not really but I thought it was worth a try. What we are seeing today though is a few new details and photos of the Bionic. These are actually press release images but its nice to finally see something other than a blurrycam shot by someone hiding their name and details. These new pictures also show us a glimpse of what to expect regarding the size, shape, and thickness of the upcoming Bionic.
We are starting to feel the launch date approach, not to mention something has slipped or leaked regarding the Bionic almost daily for a while now. Check out the official Bionic teaser trailer here, or even a full video rundown on the phone in this video. Along with the press shots we also have a Bionic and Droid X2 image to compare thickness.
Seen in the image above the Bionic is a bit chunky compared to the Droid X2 but then that is only a render and we won’t know for sure until we have them both in are hands, and I assure you that will be soon. The Bionic does have a dual-core CPU and 4G LTE inside as well as what we are hearing to be a pretty large battery so that could explain some of the size differences. We did see some battery usage images leak but for now I’m taking those with a grain of salt. Either way I just want this phone to arrive already so I can enjoy it, review it, and possibly move on to bigger and better things. Droid HD or HTC Vigor anyone?


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