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iWave Systems Technologies has been creating embedded hardware and software since 1999 and the iWave digital video-audio recorder/player is one of their products. The company is headquartered in Banglaore, India.

The iWave media player is hardware that records and plays video and audio files. You can also download directly from analog and digital cameras to the recorder/player.

Using hardware such as the iWave recorder/player that functions independently of a computer for storing files saves a great deal of space that would normally be taken up on a computer, as video and audio files tend to be quite large.

Often, when a user attempts to download video or audio files to their computer, they find they also need to download specific software to read the file. The advantage of the iWave is that it is already capable of reading many file types.

The media recorder player has four input receptacles: universal serial bus (USB) port, Camera in, storage disk (SD) card slot, and five-volt power supply port. It also has four button controls and an LCD viewing screen. The complete user guide with diagrams for the iWave can be found on their website.



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