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Reliance JioPhone: Here's your way to get official updates [ad_1]

When Reliance Jio launched its JioPhone late last month, the company said that it will be available for pre-bookings starting August 24. The company has now added a "keep me posted" banner for the smartphone on its website.

Reliance JioPhone: 9 biggest doubts clarified

Reliance JioPhone: 9 biggest doubts clarified

What processor will Reliance JioPhone run on? How many variants it will come in? Will it support hotspot and Wi-Fi? Is there an eligibility criterion for the Rs 1500 security deposit refund? Is the JioTV cable free? Does the phone support WhatsApp? Do you too have these and other nagging doubts/confusion about the Reliance JioPhone? If yes, read on we have you covered. Here are 9 things that you should definitely know about Reliance JioPhone ....

WhatsApp unlikely to run on JioPhone

The popular messenger app WhatsApp is unlikely to run on JioPhones, at least initially. Many reports have suggest that the phone will not support the world's most popular meassaging app. Reliance Jio has its own chat platform JioChat, may be the company wants to promote that. The phone, however, comes with other popular apps like YouTube and Facebook.

JioPhone to come in at least two variants (based on processor)

At the unveiling of the JioPhone, the company's chairman Mukesh Ambani didn't reveal much about the phone's specifications. So there were speculations about the processor that the phone will run on. While some reports had claimed that the phone will run on Qualcomm's processor others had said that it will be powered by China-based Spreadtrum Communications' processor. However, over the week both the companies have tweeted about their association with the JioPhone, signaling that there will be at least two variants of the device. One powered by Qualcomm, the other by Spreadtrum. "Glad to partner with @reliancejio on the new #JioPhone, powered by our #205 mobile platform," Qualcomm India tweeted. "Making India digital with #JioPhone. @Spreadtrum is proud to be a part of the digital freedom for #featurephone users. @Reliancejio," goes the tweet from Spreadtrum.

Eligibility for refund: Need to regularly recharge your phone

Users will be able to pre-book the Reliance JioPhone on paying a refundable security deposit of Rs 1500. They can get refund for this security deposit after minimum three years. However, to be eligible for a refund they will need to recharge their JioPhones at least once in 90 days.

Full security deposit to be made during pre-booking itself

Prospective buyers of Reliance JioPhone will have to pay the security deposit of Rs 1500 upfront. This mean the payment will have to be made during pre-booking itself.

Jio TV cable may not be free

One of the hottest features of the JioPhone is that the users will be able to mirror the content on their phones on a TV. The company announced a JioPhone TV cable for the same. Though the company didn't specify if this cable will come bundled with JioPhone or users will have to pay extra for it but reports have suggested that the users may have to pay between Rs 500 -1500 for it. Also, users of the TV cable will have to take the Rs 309 data plan per month.

FUP limit of 500MB/day is enough for the JioPhone

Another nagging doubt that many users have is if the FUP limit of 500MB per day is enough. Yes it is, considering that the screen-size of JioPhone is small with a very low-resolution so the internet data consumption too is less.

No hotspot support

Reliance Jio's phone's software does not come with support for hotspot, a company executive confirmed the same to GadgetsNow. Though the company executive didn't specifically say if this is due to lack of hardware support or has been locked on software front.

​ Supports Wi-Fi

Another big question that many have about the phone is Wi-Fi support. The same will be there, GadgetsNow confirmed this too from the company sources.

Users can book the phone on their MyJio app

Interested users can book the new JioPhone via the company's MyJio app. They can also visit a Jio retailer to book the handset (both August 24th onwards).

"Introducing India ka smartphone JioPhone," says the banner. It has a button reading "Keep me posted" below it. Clicking on this button takes users to a page where there's a form that they need to fill and register themselves to get updates about the device.

While registering, users need to specify if they are registering as an "individual" or "business".

For registering as an 'individual', the details required include name, e-mail, phone number and pin code. For registering as a 'business', apart from the aforementioned details, users also need to provide their company's PAN or GSTN number and specify the number of devices required for JioPhone and JioFi.

Once users registers their details, they will receive a confirmation SMS reading, "Dear customer, thank you for your interest in Jiophone India ka smart Phone. We will keep you updated about the developments related to this phone. Thank You, Team Jio."

However, the company has not made it clear what kind of updates it will be sending to the users who have registered. Users can also pre-book the device using the company's My JIO app or at a Jio retailer. But at both the places, pre-booking can be made only starting August 24.

Reliance Jio said that the phone will go for beta trial From August 15. As for deliveries, the same will start in September.

JioPhone comes at an "effective" price of Rs 0.

Reliance Jio has also announced various traiff plans for the feature phone. These plans start at Rs 23 and go all the way up to Rs 309. The daily FUP limit in all these plans is 500MB and all domestic voice calls are completely free.

The JioPhone is said to run on KAI OS, which is a forked OS version of the Firefox OS. Sporting a 2.4-inch non touch-screen display, the JioPhone reportedly has 512MB RAM and 4GB internal memory. The device is also said to support microSD card to extend the inbuilt storage to 128GB. It packs 2MP rear camera and a VGA front-facing camera as well. The JioPhone is backed by a 2000mAh battery and comes with wireless networks such as Bluetooth v4.1 +, Wi-Fi and FM Radio.


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