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Kaspersky Lab launches campaign on internet safety [ad_1]

NEW DELHI: To educate the public about Internet safety and highlight common online mistakes, Moscow-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab on Monday launched a campaign in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Called 'Goondus Awards', the campaign is inviting submissions from the public on Internet mistakes that have led to reputational, financial or property damage or loss for individuals.

"We want to educate people about safer Internet behaviours and to showcase real world examples of missteps leading to some form of loss or damage. While some stories may be humorous, the repercussions and damage were real and in some cases severe," said Altaf Halde, Managing Director, South Asia, Kaspersky Lab, in a statement.

IT jobs: Tata Comm is looking for 400 cyberwarriors

Tata Communications, the provider of telecommunications solutions and services, will hire 400 people and invest $50 million in its cyber security services business in the next three years, as companies look to combat the rise in cybercrime and data theft in India.

The campaign aims to raise cyber security awareness in an engaging form through the sharing of personal stories and serves to help web visitors foster positive and pleasant online experiences.

"With the ease of access to the Internet, users have developed a sense of complacency or even a mild form of naivety in their daily digital lives, potentially lending themselves to becoming victims of cybercrime," the company said.


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