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IT job cuts: Techies going for these courses to reskill [ad_1]

BENGALURU: Executive management programmes have been popular among mid-career professionals who could afford them because they are a means to move into more remunerative and meaningful roles.

Now, something similar is happening in the technology world, where IT professionals are spending up to Rs 4 lakh on courses in new technologies in an attempt to jump to better roles and stay relevant in their fields.The courses are gaining popularity particularly among professionals with 510 years of experience in the IT industry.

The courses are usually of 10 to 12 months' duration and are a blend of online video classes, assignments, and tests. The classes include mentor sessions from people in the industry. Once the course finishes, students tend to transition from a software programmer to roles like data scientist, with the pay package rising by around 40%.

8 hottest IT courses across metros in India

8 hottest IT courses across metros in India

Uncertainty in India IT sector has led to employees learning new technologies on their own time. Online education provider Udacity analysed data on online course consumption in the country and found a sharp increase in demand since the beginnig of this year. According to the company, the demand in the last two quarters has been very aggressive, among both engineering graduates and IT professionals. While advanced course in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning are popular in IT hubs like Bengaluru and Pune, Android development and ML are popular in Mumbai and Delhi. Here are most popular courses across metro cities in India.

Pune: Deep learning and Android development courses have high demand

• Deep learning • Android development • Artificial intelligence • Machine learning • Front-end web developer • Full stack developer

Bengaluru: Deep learning and AI are most in-demand courses

• Deep learning • Artificial intelligence • Android development • Machine learning • Front-end web developer • Self-driving

Chennai: Data analyst and Deep learning courses are most sought after

• Data analyst • Deep learning • Artificial intelligence • Machine learning • Front-end web developer • Full stack developer

Mumbai: Deep learning and AI courses have high demand

• Deep learning • Artificial intelligence • Android development • Machine learning • Front-end web developer • Self driving

Delhi: Android development and ML courses are most popular

• Android development • Machine learning • Self driving • Deep learning • Artificial intelligence • Front-end web developer

Hyderabad: AI and Deep learning top the list of popular courses

• Artificial intelligence • Deep learning • Android development • Machine learning • Data analyst • Full stack developer

Kris Laxmikanth, founder of executive search firm Head Hunters India, says most companies don't have the facility or time to spend on reskilling. "So there are a lot of middle managers who opt for these online courses to save their jobs or apply for better positions," he says.

Mayank Kumar, founder at online training provider UpGrad, says many are even taking loans to do these courses. "A one-year course at ISB (Indian School of Business) or other MBA colleges may be upwards of Rs 6 lakh. So this is relatively less expensive. We are usually not used to spending on our own in education. But now it's a necessity," he says.

It's a necessity because new technologies have made many of the older ones redundant. Many routine jobs are getting automated. And the most prized jobs today are those related to new technologies around data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud, and internet of things.

UpGrad's costliest and the most popular PG programmes are courses in big data engineering and data science. The 11-month long courses cost a user Rs 2.5 lakh. It has tied up with education institutes like IIIT Bangalore and BITS Pilani to offer the degree.

Great Learning Institute, an online platform launched by Chennai-based management college Great Lakes Institute, is best known for its two post-graduate courses on big data and business analytics, which cost Rs 4 lakh each.

Co-founder Hari Nair says big data is more complex in nature and requires a background in technical roles. Students are mainly taught programming frameworks like Hadoop and Spark that help manage large amounts of data. "This is for a career path entirely in technology. Companies like Accenture and Amazon and even the well-known Indian IT services companies see a great demand for these roles," he says.

Data analytics or business analytics is a functional role in management. "The only criterion is that they should be able to understand analytics and make sense of data. They would usually go for roles in business development, and presales," says Nair.

Vijayakeerthi J (29), who graduated with an engineering degree in 2010, had been working as a business analyst at TCS in Chennai for two years when he realised that to continue taking on more analytical projects, a certificate programme might help.So he joined the business analytics course at Great Lakes in 2014-15. "I was in the first batch with about 55 students. I spent Rs 4.5 lakh. It was not just theory; they had practical projects too. That helped me a lot," he says. In 2016, Vijayakeerthi jumped to a data scientist role at Cognizant in Bengaluru with a much higher pay. "A certification or a degree helps you when you are applying for a new job. A minimum of 40% jump in pay is guaranteed for roles in data science. However, it also depends on your other skills and profile," he says, adding that many of his friends in similar profiles have also opted for online data courses.

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Unlike UpGrad and Great Lakes that provide students with degrees from educational institutions, online platforms like AcadGild and Simplilearn offer their own certification for a lower fee. AcadGild offers a 10-month bundled data science course that includes big data, machine learning, and business analytics for Rs 55,000. Individual courses come at around Rs 20,000 each.

"The data science bundled course is very popular.We have had 30-40 batches in the past nine months, each batch consisting of 15 people," says Vikalp Jain, co-founder and president at AcadGild.

The Great Learning Institute's courses have seen demand rising by three times every year since its launch in 2014. "Students are mainly those with 8-15 years' work experience. Almost 70% would be from the IT industry. Within 6-12 months of completing our analytics courses, 65% of our alumni go into analytics roles from developer or tester roles," Nair says. Jain says pay increases would be about 40%.

UpGrad's Kumar says any course on data science that is less than 10 months is not helpful since "one cannot learn a complex subject in such a short period." He has seen people joining his platform who have previously done short-term (about 3-month) courses.

Nair agrees. "Big data and analytics are hard skills to acquire," he says.


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