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Hype surrounding Snapchat's Spectacles seems to have died down [ad_1]

Back in September last year, the company behind Snapchat changed its name to Snap. Reason being, the Snapchat app was no longer the only product the company was offering - a pair of sunglasses (dubbed Spectacles) were announced on the same day.

Spectacles featured a built-in video camera, capable of capturing 10 second vidoes (in circular format) that can be synced with the Snapchat app. There's also an LED indicator that informs others you are recording.

Snap effectively revealed during its Q1 2017 earnings that it managed to sell 64,000 units of Spectacles. And now, the company has announced its Q2 2017 earnings, revealing $8.3 million in 'other revenue,' which translates into around 41,500 units.

That's a significant drop - around 35%. It's worth mentioning that the numbers reflected in Q2 earnings don't include sales through Amazon, something which started last month, as well through other third-party retailers.

However, it's quite unlikely that these expansion steps will have a major effect on the product's bottom line. So for now, it's safe to assume that the initial hype surrounding Spectacles has died down.



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