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Google's 'Internet Saathi' now in 100,000 Indian villages [ad_1]

NEW DELHI: Riding on the 'Internet Saathi' programme -- a digital literacy initiative aimed at empowering women in rural India --
India on Wednesday announced that it has now reached 100,000 villages in the country.

Launched as a pilot in Rajasthan in July 2015 along with Tata Trusts, Google announced plans to scale the programme to cover 300,000 villages across India in December the same year.

7 little-known useful Google products & services

7 little-known useful Google products & services

Most of us have heard of Google's well-publicized moonshots: Self-driving cars, smart contact lenses, internet-beaming balloons, and more. While those products and services sound amazing, most of us can't use them just yet. But the company actually has a bunch of other ones that are incredibly useful that you might not even know existed. For example, did you know Google has a massive free font library? Here are some of the under-the-radar services Google offers.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a killer notes and reminder app that works across both desktops and smartphones.


You can set a timer on Google (and get an alarm to sound when time is up) by Googling any amount of time followed by "timer."

Google Sky

Google.com/sky lets you explore the far reaches of the universe using images from NASA satellite, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and the Hubble Telescope.

Google Books

Google Books nGram Viewer is a fun tool that lets you search for words in 5.2 million books published between 1500 and 2008 so you can see how they've been used.

Google Input Tools

Similarly, Google Input Tools lets you type in over 80 different languages without having to download a special keyboard.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar makes it incredibly easy to search for information in professional journals and papers.

Google Art

Get your culture on by using Google Art Project to check out super high-res photos of artwork from the world's

"From being afraid to touch a smartphone, worried that they will spoil it, to now demanding services that can help them get more from the Internet -- women in rural India have come a long way," Sapna Chadha, Director Marketing, South East Asia and India at Google, a statement said.

"We are delighted with the progress we have made with the 'Internet Saathi' model and it is remarkable to see the passion of these women learning about the Internet," she added.

In its two-year journey, the initiative has continued to gain momentum and is today live in 10 states in India.

Nearly 25,000 fully-trained 'Internet Saathis' are working everyday in these villages to help women and children learn about the internet.

In total, over 10 million women have gained from the programme so far and have become familiar with the benefits of using the Internet in their daily lives.

Further, on the second-year anniversary of the programme, Google also announced the expansion of the programme in two new states -- Haryana and Bihar.

"In Haryana, the initiative has already started to roll out and will be covering nearly 1,000 villages and in Bihar the programme has kicked off from Ramnagar, Bagaha, Lauria, Manjha and Chakai villages and we will be covering nearly 7,000 villages expanding it further later in the year," the company said in a statement.


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