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Feeling lonely on Friendship Day? 5 apps you can try [ad_1]

It's Friendship Day. The day to celebrate the spirit of friendship and to remember all those friends who make or made your lives special. However, in case for some reason (may be a new city, country or something else) you find yourself alone on this day, don't lose heart. There are apps that can help you make new friends.

Me3 (Android, iOS)

This app
claims to find "shockingly similar people" in and around your location based on shared interests, traits, and goals. Apparently, the algorithm used by the app considers over 150 factors and individual characteristics for each group which is called the 'Tribe.' Once this happens, it automatically adds you in Tribes of three people of the same gender. The profile remains private and you can join as many Tribes as you want.

8 useless apps you can have fun with

8 useless apps you can have fun with

Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones (and by extension, mobile operating systems) and better internet connectivity speeds, today there’s an app available for pretty much everything out there. While some of these apps are indispensable to our daily workflow and come in really handy, others are weird and plain useless. Want to know more? Here are 8 bizarre and pointless Android apps that you can try to have some fun.

Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are the rage these days. Invented in the 90s, this spinning toy has reached unimaginable levels of popularity and is being advertised as helpful for people who have trouble focusing. But for some reason, you can’t get yourself an actual fidget spinner, you can use an app for it. Therefore, there is now an app for it. Fidget Spinner provides a virtual fidget spinning experience, where you swipe left or right to spin a virtual spinner and collect points.

Electric Shaver

This is easily one of the most purposeless apps on our list. Electric Shaver displays a picture of a shaver on your smartphone’s screen with the live camera view as the background. The app even imitates the sound of the hair trimmer, complete with vibration. You can choose the colour and thickness of the hair that ‘fall’ as well.


A one of its kind app, PoopLog lets you track and evaluate your bowel movements. From location and photos to colour and mucus content, it lets you log everything. Even prior discomfort and the urgency levels can be recorded. You can ‘review’ your poop-log using charts and create reports to share with others.

Metal Detector

As the name suggests, Metal Detector measures the magnetic fields using your smartphone’s embedded magnetic sensor. All you need to do is launch the app, move it around, and it will show the fluctuating magnetic field levels based on metal in the surroundings.

Hodor Keyboard Lite

Game of Thrones fans will immediately recognize the name of this app. Those who don’t watch GoT, Hodor Keyboard Lite is inspired by a character named Hodor in the series. What’s interesting is that this keyboard app lets you type nothing but the word Hodor. Once installed, it has to be configured just like any other keyboard via the Language and Input Method option in your smartphone’s settings. You can even long press for ‘Maximum Hodor,’ swipe left to ‘unHodor’ and more.

Virtual Cigarette Smoking

Just like the name suggests, Virtual Cigarette Smoking displays a virtual cigarette on your smartphone’s screen and lets you pretend that you’re smoking one. You can even blow on your smartphone to make the cigarette ‘burn’ faster.

Anti-mosquito Sound Simulator

While there are a lot of prank apps out there, this one is no joke. Even though the developer doesn’t guarantee anything, Anti-mosquito Sound Simulator claims to emit ultrasonic sounds that can irritate small insects (like mosquitoes) and drive them away. You can even select the type of insect you want to scare off.


With over 100,000 downloads, Useless has gotten fairly popular with the users despite doing absolutely nothing. Useless’ description reads that it’s the first ‘multi-unfunctional’ application in the world. Sounds quite accurate!

Patook (Android, iOS)

This app works in a similar way as Tinder, allowing people to swipe left or right on people's profiles and chat with them. But remember,
the app
is strictly for platonic relationships. They have a no-flirting clause in their terms and conditions for the users. "Any person who attempts to flirt via the app will get their account permanently banned before their message even makes it into your inbox," says the app description. The app allows users to be super-specific in terms of the kind of friend a user is seeking with filters such as gender, age, location and more.

Citysocializer (iOS)

If you want to attend all the happening events in your city, this app can help you. A subscription-based social networking app, Citysocializer allows users to browse events, find people, post updates, view profiles, "wave" at others, make friend connections and receive invites. There's also a subscription-based version
for the app
that promises users all this and more.

Tinder social (iOS, Android)

Tinder Social
is a new feature in the popular dating app Tinder that lets users to create group of 1-3 friends and connect with others groups to chat and plan activities. Once you unlock the Tinder Social you can see your friends who've also unlocked it (and they'll see you). These groups can be turned on or off at any time. You can combine groups by swiping right.

Skout (iOS, Android)

This app enables you to connect with new people near your location. The
app lets you
meet and chat with men and women based on various search parameters that you choose. After you apply the filters the app matches you with the people you are most likely to get along with. Users can also select different locations and select people who they want to talk to.


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