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Amazon resumes BLU phone sales after brief suspension [ad_1]

Last week, Amazon suspended sales of BLU smartphones citing security reasons. The step came in the wake of reports that the devices still collect unauthorized personal data, and send it to a server based in China.

Well, looks like the matter has been sorted out, as the online retailer has resumed the sales.

For the uninitiated, the Adups OTA application (a 3rd party firmware update app) is the software that's been found guilty of all the unauthorized data collection and sharing.

While last year BLU acknowledged and fixed a similar issue, this time the company says it was a "false alarm". In an official statement, the Miami-based smartphone manufacturer notes that the data being collected is "standard for OTA functionality" and "does not affect any user's privacy or security."

While sales may have resumed, the suspension sword is still hanging on the firm given that Amazon has clearly stated it won't hesitate to pull down BLU devices again if there's fresh information on issues "that could potentially impact [its] customers' experience."



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