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This an application that has many frequently asked C, C++, Java, Android & Hadoop questions with answers. Gathered from numerous sources including real interviews. Great for both an interviewer to quickly come up with questions. Great for brushing up technical interview questions before an interview.
Advantages: 1. Interview Questions with quick answers in different programming languages. 2. No ads in this application 3. Book mark options 4. Concept wise important questions 5. Easy readable content with animations 6. C Interview Questions 7. C++ Interview Questions 8. Java Interview Questions 9. Android Interview Questions 10. Hadoop Interview Questions 11. Offline .net Application 12. Without internet we can use the application 13. User Friendly 10,000 + questions randomly for user perspective and read the questions for interview purpose or as quiz type learn hadoop and salesforce technology. This is a FREE app and contains various interview questions asked in interview. Keywords: Java interview questions, Android interview questions, C Interview questions, C++ Interview questions, Hadoop Interview questions, Core Java and advanced Java related to Struts, Hibernate, Springs Frame work questions, Offline Interview questions, Important Java questions, Offline technical questions, offline interview app, free app for interviews and jobs.
This is not a pirated game or app. This post only gives mirror.

Package Name: com.rnv.techquestions.home File Size: 1.3 MB QR Code: View MD5 File Hash: 03f9c437125fec3515c238799ca96d9c Last Fetched: 2014-10-19 19:46:35 Version: 1.1 (2)

Download Link : [sociallocker] Download http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0DKZQ7CQ/com.rnv.techquestions.home.apk?h=PjFXzewEocevdV3G6XnS1g&t=1415010867_links Google Play Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rnv.techquestions.home[/sociallocker] Images :


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