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Are you bored and trying to have some good time with your friends then check out these sites with which you can fun yourself and your friends photos. These sites can take the faces from the photos and place them in another fun pictures. Some of the sites also helps you enhance you pictures.

  • PhotoFunia

    Most famous site that has many funny pictures to plug your or your friends photos. Try it Surely you love it.
  • Fun Photo Box

    Another famous photo editing website with cool images that you won't find in photo funia.
  • Create HDR
    This site enables to HDR your image. Look at the example below :

  • Picartia

    It creates mosaic of your photo for free.

  • Hairmixer

    This site mix up two people's hair for you.

  • Hollywood Hair Makeover
    You can change your picture into a Hollywood star. You can change your hair style and add makeup to your face.

  • Personalized Money
    This site puts your face to any currency of your choice.

  • Moron Face
    This site allows you to moron your friends photos.

  • Photo505

    Another cool site that cooks your photo online. It has many unique images that you can play with.

  • Yearbook Yourself

    This site turns your photo into images like your old school images.

  • Loonapic

    It is another site like photofunia
  • Magmypic

    Upload your picture and convert it into your favorite magazine cover image.
  • Your Own Wired Cover

    This is similar to magmypic but you can customize everything from the title to the advertisements.
  • More Fun Sites
  • Write On It
    Helps you write on your image
  • Dumpr
    Many cool techniques to digitalis your image.

  • Makes your photo into a fine art.

  • Morph your photo to the predefined templates in this site and have fun.

  • My Heritage
    This site morph your image to popular public figure images.

  • Letter James
    It helps to write text on the image.

  • Imagechef
    This site cooks your image with some predefined template.

  • Funny Photos
    This site fun your photo with amazing cool images.

  • Frontpageyou
    Make your picture the front page of the popular magazine

  • Fake Magazine Cover
    This site is similar to other magazine maker but include some cool styles.

  • Faceinhole
    This site is similar to many other sites listed above but with some nice picture to match your photos faces.

  • Blingee
    This site allows you to add blinking items like stars, thunders, etc... to your images.

If you know some other sites then help up to add here by commenting below.


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