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Nokia Lumia 510 officially announced – another budget marvel?

Nokia Lumia 510 officially announced – another budget marvel?

Nokia has unveiled its next super-cheap Windows Phone for the emerging markets – but it's stuck on last season's platform.

The new phone will be launched with Windows Phone 7.5, but at least there will be a choice of five colours at launch.

The expectation was that the new phone would at least be popping out with the 7.8 iteration of Microsoft's platform, but it seems Tango will be sticking around for a while in the absence of Windows Phone 8.

Core power

In terms of specs, we're looking at a device that's running an 800MHz single-core CPU, a WVGA touchscreen (that's curiously coming in at 4-inches, making it larger than the Lumia 610) but here's the bad news: only 4GB of storage, of which apparently only 2.2GB is actually usable, although you do get 7GB of SkyDrive storage from Microsoft.

The rest of the specs are as you'd imagine on a Windows Phone handset, meaning 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi are all present and correct, along with a 1,300mAh battery.

The new phone will initially be going to the emerging markets, such as South America, India and China, but sadly we've had confirmation from Nokia that this phone won't be launching in the UK, with no word on launches for the US or Australia.

We've also got no word on price, as you'd expect for something seemingly not destined for these shores – but given that the Lumia 610 is a much more attractive proposition when it comes to spec (the screen size aside) we wouldn't recommend you lose too much sleep over this one.

Sony PSN hacking lawsuit thrown out by judge

Sony PSN hacking lawsuit thrown out by judge

Sony has been cleared of charges of negligence, restitution, and unjust enrichment during the security breach of PlayStation Network last year.

A California district judge threw out the charges, saying "there is no such thing as perfect security."

The breach happened in April 2011, and saw personal data of more than 75 million customers compromised. Some were understandably annoyed, and filed court cases against Sony.

More than 75 million customers using Sony's PlayStation Network and Qriocity services had their data stolen when 10 of the company's servers in San Diego were hacked. Then another 25 million customer accounts of Sony Online Entertainment were compromised along with them.

Data breach

Data stolen included customer names, email addresses, billing addresses, passwords and phone numbers. But Sony claims customers' credit card information stayed safe.

PlayStation Network and Qriocity were offline for almost a month while Sony struggled to get things back up and running.

The lawsuit alleged Sony "failed to follow basic industry-standard protocols to safeguard its customers' personal and financial information, thereby creating foreseeable harm and injury to the Plaintiff class."

But Battaglia ruled that the data was stolen by a "criminal intrusion of Sony's Network. Plaintiffs do not allege that Sony was in any way involved with the data breach."

Battaglia added: "There is no such thing as perfect security. We cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted to us."

Plaintiffs have until November 9 to file an amended complaint, if they wish.

With more and more data being stored online, fears for security have grown. Even Apple isn't immune to being hacked, after all.


Microsoft Surface tablet starts shipping, gets mixed reviews

Microsoft Surface tablet starts shipping, gets mixed reviews

Microsoft's Surface tablet doesn't launch until Friday, but the device is already shipping.

Head to the UK Microsoft site and you'll be met with a message saying both versions of the 32GB model (one with the black touch cover, one without) have sold out. You can choose to be notified when they become available again.

You can order the £559 64GB version now for delivery in one to two weeks.

Scratching the Surface

Surface marks Microsoft's entry into the tablet market. Microsoft surprised everyone when it announced the device. It means any manufacturer making Windows 8 tablets will have to compete with Steve Ballmer and the Redmond-based company.

The hardware has had positive reviews, but the software seems to be where Surface falls down.

Reviewers have praised the Surface's choice of ports (USB, for starters) that will have iPad owners green with envy. But battery life isn't as long as the iPad.

The Surface's cameras also aren't up to those on other tablets. Typing seems quite natural on the Touch Cover, though it'll be slower than on a dedicated keyboard.

But it's the Windows RT operating system that's had the most criticism. It won't support the vast majority of the 4 million Windows programs. Reviewers also criticised the lack of games and apps.

Surface runs on a chip made by Nvidia, which should help make the device cheaper than rivals, and extend the battery life. The Intel-based version of Surface that runs the full Windows 8 will launch in January.


New UK file sharing and collaboration solution launches

New UK file sharing and collaboration solution launches

UK cloud business On Direct is the latest vendor to enter the cloud-based file storage market. The new Cloud Direct : ABC – the ABC stands for Access, Backup and Collaboration – allows businesses to securely access and share files on any device including smart phones, tablets, PC's and laptops.

The UK-based Cloud Direct service is designed to have all of the ease of use and ubiquity of consumer file-sharing solutions like Dropbox, but adds more sophisticated business-levels of security.

With Cloud Direct files are organised into projects, and users can assign controls to the files on specific Projects, and can change permission levels for teams working on the projects.

Teams can be made of anyone, from internal team members and external users, and each user can be easily assigned to projects. They can have access rights granted or restricted and you can see changes by person, project or action and see all the versions of a file.

The built-in File Versioning allows users to instantly recover files and restore them to their original location, either one at a time, or an entire folder. If you can't remember a file name then the systems allows you to search the contents of files - even on mobile devices.

Make comments and suggestions

The Cloud Direct platform contains a simple Dashboard tool that gives an integrated overview of all recent Project activities, and allows users to automatically and chronologically see comments and changes team members make to documents. Additionally when a comment or change has been posted, everyone on the team will be notified via email or SMS so they can respond immediately.

One of the key features of Cloud Direct is the ability to work while offline. Once installed, a blue folder is created on a users desktop called 'Cloud Direct Projects' with offline copies of all projects. You can then work offline, and when you go online again your files will automatically be synchronised and all team member are notified when the project has been updated. Additionally Favourited files are available on mobile devices even when there is no connection available.


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