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iTunes 11, iBooks update may arrive at iPad mini event

iTunes 11, iBooks update may arrive at iPad mini event

Apple's latest press conference is only a day away, but as per usual, rumors about just what will come out of San Jose, Calif. are flying right up until announcement time.

While the iPad mini is thought to take center stage at Tuesday's event, a new report has iTunes 11 finally launching as well.

Back in September when the iPhone 5 was announced, Apple revealed that a new version of iTunes would arrive in late October. Oct 23 seems about late enough.

iTunes 11 features a revamped UI to simplify the browsing experience, an improved mini player, Facebook integration and much deeper integration with iCloud.

The update will also bid farewell to Ping, Apple's ill-fated musical social networking experiment.

Taking iPad mini to school

Along with iTunes 11, it looks like an update to iBooks 3.0 is set to arrive Tuesday as well.

A few books appeared earlier in the iTunes store listing iBooks 3.0 as a requirement, though the listings have since reverted to asking for iBooks 1.5 or above.

With the iPad mini's more Kindle-like size, an update to iBooks seems a natural fit.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple has taken to courting schools about using iPads in the classroom.

The company could indicate an educational bent for the iPad mini Tuesday, with textbooks becoming the new focus for iBooks 3.0.

For those sick of the speculation, Apple's event is less than 24 hours away, at which point the rumor mill should (hopefully) stop churning.

TechRadar will be in attendance with live coverage of the event, so join us here on the site or over on our Twitter.

Apple reportedly testing iOS 6 maintenance update with US carriers

Apple reportedly testing iOS 6 maintenance update with US carriers

With iOS 6 in the hands of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners for more than a month now, a new report claims Apple is preparing not one but two different updates to the OS in the near future.

BGR reported Monday that Apple has started testing an iOS 6.0.1 update with its U.S. carrier partners, which appears to primarily be a bug fix release.

According to an unnamed source, Apple is expected to release iOS 6.0.1 sometime in the next few weeks - but don't count on any huge improvements such as a fix for Apple's Maps issues.

The report only mentioned U.S. carriers and gave no indication of an international rollout for iOS 6.0.1.

Bug squashing

The iOS 6.0.1 update is said to include fixes for bugs such as horizontal lines that appear on screens when either the keyboard or app folder are open.

The keyboard problem seems limited to the iPhone 5, AppleInsider reported, and occasionally appears when users attempt to enter an Apple ID password.

Another glitch supposedly getting a fix is an issue that causes the camera flash not to trigger when taking a photo.

If and when 6.0.1 rolls out, other minor updates reportedly include Wi-Fi support improvements, cellular data fixes and a new consolidated cellular data switch for iTunes Match.

A Passbook lock screen bug and a nagging Exchange problem that causes the deletion of meetings for an entire group are also likely part of the 6.0.1 rollout.

iOS 6.1

If that's not enough of an iOS update for you, then sit tight - Apple has also reportedly started testing iOS 6.1, which appears targeted for release sometime after the holiday season.

BGR's source had no further details on what the bigger update might bring, but it looks unlikely to ship with the rumored iPad mini that Apple is expected to announce at a media event on Tuesday morning.


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