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iPad Mini pricing leaks again ahead of launch

iPad Mini pricing leaks again ahead of launch

The iPad Mini is nigh but there's still time for a few last-minute leaks including the teeny tab's US pricing.

Rumour has it that the smallest-capacity iPad Mini (probably 8GB) will sell for $329 in the US – that's around £200 or AU$320, give or take a bit of tax.

Interestingly, the smallest-capacity iPad Mini is the only one expected to come with a cellular data connection (whether that's 3G or 4G, we don't know) so you cloud storage can pick up the slack.

The data-enabled iPad Mini is expected to set you back $459 (£286 or AU$445).

High capacity

Higher capacity iPad Minis, which are said to come without a cellular data option as Wi-Fi only, are estimated to come in at $429 (£267 or AU$416) and $529 (£330 or AU$515).

These prices aren't far off what German site Mobile Geeks had procured in Euros, although we like these new prices because they come from 9to5Mac, a site with a good reputation for Apple news.

The good news is that all this speculation can be put to bed tomorrow at Apple's iPad Mini launch event where we'll find out if it's even a real product.

EE 4G tariffs leaked – and they're not shocking

EE 4G tariffs leaked – and they're not shocking

The prices for EE's eagerly anticipated 4G tariffs have leaked online, with a source claiming they'll come in multiple flavours.

Speaking to Stuff, the source revealed that users wanting a slice of the 4G action would have to fork out a £5 monthly access fee on top of a 3G tariff, with that fee lowered to £3 for business users - whether that includes any data allowance or just the chance to have a 4G connection we don't know.

Apparently customers will be able to choose from 1GB, 8GB, 16GB and a massive 128GB of data a month, however be warned as the 128GB package is likely to cost a staggering £160 per month – ouch.

All will be revealed tomorrow

And it looks like EE is set to announce its 4G tariffs tomorrow, after sending a tweet to a follower on Twitter saying "the tariff information should be available by the 23rd October."

We hope this is correct, as we've been waiting a while for the pricing of the UK's first 4G network, with fingers firmly crossed that it won't be eye-wateringly expensive.

EE's 4G launch devices have already been announced, with customers able to choose from the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE, HTC One XL, Huawei Ascend P1 LTE and iPhone 5, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE coming in a few weeks time.


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