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Imgur Updates Platform To Help Image Uploads Go Viral [Updates]

Imgur is one of the more preferred methods of sharing photos online. The reason is its simplicity. Now, a new update to the way Imgur handles your images makes it all the more simple, and at the same time gives you more control over your images. Earlier, users had to upload their images and share them on social media like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and others to make them go popular. That was the only way to prod the images towards Imgur’s popular Image Gallery and get featured there.

But now the good news is that you can share directly from Imgur. The new update removes the need of a social media to act as a ‘middleman’. From October 29th, Imgur users would be able to share images directly on Imgur itself via a new navigation icon on every page.

The immediate benefit is that images submitted directly to the site can be up-voted, commented, and shared to go viral in real-time within the platform. It also opens up your images to a wider community.

The Imgur gallery is also changing with a new sorting system meant to enhance content quality, a new reputation system, and support for whole albums. The changes are being rolled out gradually, and by October 29th everyone should have access to the ‘new’ Imgur. The Imgur blog gives you a tutorial on the new way of uploading images.

Source: Imgur


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