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Apple Wi-Fi iPad mini lacks GPS, unlike Google Nexus 7

Apple Wi-Fi iPad mini lacks GPS, unlike Google Nexus 7

A look at Apple's iPad mini specs page reveals a disparity between the location features on the Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi plus cellular models.

While the cellular iPad mini features GPS to track its location the WiFi only model lacks any GPS capability, unless you count the built-in compass app.

Apple was more than happy to compare the iPad mini to competitors like Google's Nexus 7 at Tuesday's announcement event, saying that the 7.9-inch display gave it more screen real estate than its Android competitor.

However, the Nexus 7, along with other competing tablets in the 7-inch range like Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2, do enjoy built-in GPS in the Wi-Fi models.

Nexus 7 charting a course to compete

It's nothing new for Apple to leave out GPS on its Wi-Fi only devices. Past iPad models, including the new iPad 4's Wi-Fi model, suffered from the same limitation.

The feature is arguably more important with the shift to a smaller tablet like the iPad mini though, which is easier to bring along in the car and potentially use as a GPS device.

Of course the cellular iPad mini, which also adds LTE support, still includes built-in GPS.

However, the feature may come into consideration when comparing the $249 (UK£199,AU$299) 16GB Wi-Fi Nexus 7 against the $329 (UK£269,AU$369) 16GB WiFi iPad mini this holiday season.

Then again, with the debacle that Apple Maps have become on iOS 6, maybe the loss of GPS is doing users a favor.

Leaked doc tips HTC DNA and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 releases at Verizon

Leaked doc tips HTC DNA and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 releases at Verizon

Some interesting information popped up Wednesday thanks to a purported Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) listing from Verizon.

The first item to note is a here-to unknown HTC Droid DNA, which could be the recently discovered HTC DLX, though there's little hard facts beyond circumstantial evidence.

The "deluxe" was caught on camera with Verizon branding earlier this week, and it's supposedly a 5-inch phone that has so far gone under the DLX codename.

According to the MAP, the Droid DNA will sell for $199.99 when it's released Nov. 20.

Peek at Windows Phone 8 handsets

This MAP was full of lots of extra info, particularly Verizon's Windows Phone 8 plans.

According to the document, which is swathed with "confidential" markings, two smartphones - the Nokia Lumia 822 and HTC Windows Phone 8X - touch down Nov. 12.

The phones will come in a variety of colors: white, grey and black for the 822 and blue, black and red for the 8X.

As for pricing, the Lumia 822 is marked to start at $99.99 on a two-year contract, while the 8X will go for $199.99 with the same contract deal.

End note

Last but not least, the MAP also apparently reveals when Verizon customers will see Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 land on their doorsteps.

According to the doc, the Note 2 will likely arrive Oct. 24 (that's today) for $299.99

Verizon has been the loan carrier holdout when it comes to availability and pricing for the 5.9-inch phalet, though it looks as though someone beat Big Red to the punch.

Samsung is hosting a Galaxy Note 2 shindig at 4 p.m. PDT (one Kanye West is rumored to perform at) and TechRadar will be front and center to bring you all the latest.

About the device...not Kanye.


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