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For the past couple of weeks, Marcus “Notch” Persson, the creator of Minecraft, has been dropping hints about a new game that he is developing. Today, Marcus announced on Twitter that the game is formally known as 0x10c and that a web site has been launched for this game at http://0x10c.com/. 0x10c is a space game where spacefarers from 1988 enter deep sleep and wake up at the unintended year of 281,474,976,712,644 AD to discover that the Universe is on the brink of extinction.

While 0x10c is still in early development, the web site states that it will be a space game with a one-time fee for single-player games and monthly fee for multiplayer games. At this point, the monthly charge for multiplayer has not been decided. The game will contain elements of what Notch calls hard science fiction, which he explains is the game being scientifically plausible with “as few hand-wavey things as possible”.

The current known features of the game are:
Hard science fiction

Lots of engineering.

Fully working computer system.

Space battles against the AI or other players.

Abandoned ships full of loot.

Duct tape!

Seamlessly landing on planets.

Advanced economy system.

Random encounters.

Mining, trading, and looting.

Single and multi player connected via the multiverse.
The game will have some interesting features such as a generator that can be used to power your ship and its machinery. The generator will have a fixed wattage, which will be drained as you hook up machinery to it. This makes it so you will have to balance what machinery is running in the event you want to run high powered machinery such as a cloaking device.

There will also be a fully functional emulated 16 bit CPU, called the DCPU-16, that you can program to perform a variety of tasks. This also means that you will be able to create your own custom programs that will run on this virtual computer so that it affects the game. For those who have knowledge in assembly, Notch has released the full specifications of the DCPU-16 virtual computer.

Below we have gathered various tidbits of information that we have gleaned from Notch’s twitter feed.

Single & Multiplayer Gameplay
Multiplayer will allow multiple people to crew a single ship.

There could be a shopping system for DCPU programs and that players could create their own shopping system.

The game will be in the perspective of first person inside the ship.

Simple graphics.
The proper pronunciation of the game is currently a secret.
DCPU-16 Information
You can create your own games and software that can be used on the virtual computer while you are waiting for a task to complete.

Programs that people make for the DCPU-16 can be traded with other players.

For multi-player strategy, players can make malware that can affect other player’s computer. There will be no virus software built in to the virtual computers. Players will have to clean the computer or create their own anti-virus programs.

The DCPU is only the CPU. Players will have to create their own operating system to run on it.

An emulator will be released at some point.

Notch states that he is looking into a memory mapped message queue for the I/O on the DCPU.

In order to load programs into the computer, you will need to create a loader.

There will be floppy disks and radio arrays.

Notch is “aiming at 100 khz at the moment, with hardware sprites and scrolling on the display.”
Space Travel & Ship
The plan is to be able to orbit planets and drift if you cut the engines.

Duct Tape will be able to fix anything, but for a short period of time compared to more advanced methods.
Its highly unlikely you are going to be able to have intimate encounters with alien races.
If you have any more info about the game, let me know and I will add it to this post.


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