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Another Samsung Galaxy S3 leak shows buttons galore

The latest supposed Samsung Galaxy S3 leak reveals a long thin phone sporting both physical and capacitive buttons.

There hasn’t been this much fuss over a couple of buttons since Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum asked Alice, “Button button, who’s got the button?”

Samsung Galaxy S3 leaked photo

Image credit: Phone Arena

The anonymous tipster who sent the picture to Phone Arena claims this is the Samsung Galaxy S3 that we’ll see launched on May 3, although with the myriad other supposed Samsung Galaxy S3 pictures floating about, it’s anyone’s guess whether this is the true handset or not.

However, the fact the reflection on the hand taking the camera slides off the side of the phone, and the very ‘last-generation’ design on the capacative buttons scream fake to us here.

For what it’s worth, we still like this leaked Weber Shandwick slide that shows a handset more squared but not massively dissimilar to the one in today’s photo.


Meanwhile, on the naming issue, Samsung VP Robert Yi apparently referred to the handset as the “Galaxy S3″ yesterday so that seems to confirm what Vodafone already told us on the matter.

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