In 2010, ADR Studio designed Apple iWatch concept and shared its photos and  the idea has not any further development but now after two years they have posted photos of Apple iWatch2 concept with some features descriptions, whereas no original iWatch was launched in market by Apple.

iWatch2 like a jewel, in its black slide-to-open-box . It would be loaded 32 GB memory ,front face camera and LCD projector. Really it would be mind blowing and lets wait this big gadget to crawl in market and own it.

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Salient Features

  1. WiFi and Bluetooth
  2. Integrated RSS Reader
  3. 32GB memory
  4. Weather forecast system
  5. Possibility to connect with Bluetooth or WiFi to iPhone / iPad
  6. LCD projector to show everywhere pictures by your iPhone / iPad
  7. Frontal face camera
  8. Polycarbonate main body
  9. Alluminum chassis
  10. PK2 Kevlar insert
  11. Bracelet in 5 colors with
  12.  polycarbonate insert