Acer definitely didn't reveal it all at the CES and managed to save some cool devices for the MWC event this month. Now, the phone that has managed to peak before its official launch to create some buzz in the market is Acer's CloudMobile smartphone. From whatever little details that we have, the device breathes on Android 4.0 Gingerbread, should sport a 4.3-inch display with a high-def resolution (could be 720p) and will feature Dolby sound. Judging by the looks of it, its safe to say that the phone should be around a centimeter thick (could be 9.8mm).

The kind of name the vendor has given to this unannounced handset, its obvious that it has christened the device after its AcerCloud service, an online storage system that will allow users to store their material online (images, videos or music). According to the report, CloudMobile will be vendor's first model to feature this AcerCloud service. We should be hearing more about this service and the specs of this handset at the MWC. Acer could also be planning to make this phone available sometime during Q3.