A recent fashion, in car companies, has been the launching of E-bikes. This can be seen as a new promotional tool for eco-friendly options and then gradually merging that with cars. With pictures of concept bikes doing rounds in press and no ride available, we didn't hold back when Smart unveiled their take on the latest type of E-bike launched recently. Credit ~ Yahoo Autos

Produced in alliance with Grace, the electric bicycle expert, Smart E-bike is packed with 250-watt electric motor and one 400 Wh lithium-ion battery. It is fitted with MT4 disc brakes at the front and rear end. The fully assimilated brakes defer the power supply to the main motor when break is applied, its propulsion power stops and the polarity is reversed so that it creates retrieval of braking energy. The battery provides up to 100 kilometers of running and is also capable of charging a mobile phone via integrated USB socket. This E-bike is an absolute high-tech product and is priced around €2,900 (187,582 INR).The E-bike's price might differ from market to market.

Two Smart E- bikes are on the platter, The Smart for-us – perfect for local-emission-free city riding. The bike is based on the production bike which is to be launched by Smart in the 2012 spring. The color shade of the two E-bikes is made to match the Smart for-us. Some of the mechanism comes in the highlight color yellow, for example the battery housing.

With an exceptional design in line with the style of the brand, functions are appropriate for city use and high technology standards that are demonstrated by the very efficient and high-performance drive package among other features, the Smart E-bike has an outstanding position.

High-quality components guarantee dynamic, safe and fun cycling. For example, MT4 disc brakes from Magura are fitted at the front and rear. The Smart E-bike also features high-tech infotainment: a USB interface is a standard feature and enables various mobile end devices to be connected.

Smart's high technological standards are noticeable in the extremely efficient and high-performance drive package. As a "pedelec" (Pedal Electric Cycle) the Smart E-bike firmly speaks of fusion: the electric motor – a maintenance-free with brushless rear-wheel hub motor from BionX – that switches on as soon as the rider starts pedaling just like in the normal bicycle. Muscle power is transmitted to the rear wheel via a durable and quiet belt drive. An integrated three-speed gear hub provides for simple gear changing.

The strengths of the E-bike include its agile performance: the rider of the Smart E-bike decides how much power he wants the 250 watt electric motor to deliver to support his muscle power by pressing a button on the handlebar. There is a choice of four power levels wherein the fourth is the highest level giving maximum power output. The battery charge can last for more than 100 kilometres, depending on the power level selected and the manner of cycling.

Smart CEO Dr. Annette Winkler said "The Smart E-bike is a true Smart – but on two wheels. It's not just an extremely well designed bicycle that is sure to draw admiring glances in the city – it's also really practical and child's play to ride. Anyone can zip through town on it with or without exerting themselves – depending on their fitness level and as the mood takes them. And it's even easier to find a parking space than with the Smart for two."

Don't expect the Smart E-bikes in your local bike shop any time soon. The interested dealers flocking around the company's stand were told it would be sold through Smart car dealerships only and that the show was being used "to gauge the (bike) industry's reaction towards the new bike".