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That little application and website a few of you just might know called YouTube was updated yesterday night for the first time in a while. The initial update notification hit users phones but no update was actually available but it appears that is because a few different versions were all updated. I didn’t get any updates on my Tablet but a few phones all got the new YouTube so that could be part of the confusion.
The new version of YouTube is v2.2.14 and brings with it some much needed changes and enhancements I think everyone can appreciate. You can now edit the title, description, and privacy info right on your mobile device. They have also fixed up the user interface for when users are uploading videos. One of the bigger improvements is we can now create/edit/delete playlists on the go right from the app.
As always the what’s new tab also suggests some performance enhancements and bug fixes so hopefully those that were having problems in the past can be good to go with the new YouTube. Yesterday Google also suggested they are updating the voice search application but Google’s own blog on that update was quickly removed, hopefully we see that update coming soon too.


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