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Research into IT administration has already shown that Macs are cheaper to manage than PCs. According to analytics firm ClickFox, the same is true of the iPhone versus its competitors. InfoWorld reports that ClickFox found the iPhone requires far less tech support from the carriers than phones based on the BlackBerry or Android platforms.
ClickFox performed an analysis of support calls placed to call centers dedicated to the three platforms and discovered that multiple agents, multiple transfers, and often multiple sessions are required in order to solve BlackBerry or Android issues. By contrast, iPhone problems usually resolved in only a single call. Using the iPhone as a baseline, ClickFox found BlackBerry users required additional support (e.g., call transfers, followups) 37 percent of the time. Android users required more help a staggering 77 percent of the time.
All that additional time on the phone with tech support adds up. With 11.5 million BlackBerry incidents and 24 million Android incidents requiring extra support, those costs spiral upward pretty quickly. Compared to support costs for the iPhone, ClickFox estimates the total cost of additional tech support is US$46 million higher for BlackBerry users and $97 million higher for Android users -- per year.
Apple's focus on user experience is key to the iPhone's success, and if ClickFox's survey data is accurate, it looks like that's trickled down to lower support costs as well. That might be a contributing factor in the high iPhone adoption rates that firms like Good Technology keep seeing in the enterprise sector.


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